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What is eLearning Industry

Training is no longer restricted to classrooms in today’s high-tech world, and hence eLearning has become a sunrise industry. Many companies in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, & Delhi produce interactive web-based training modules for their multinational clients.


Who are Instructional Designers

Instructional Designers (IDs) are the key members of an eLearning development team. IDs design blueprints for online training courses. Graphic designers and Programmers build the courses based on these blueprints (storyboard). The job of an ID is to take the subject matter to the end learners in a palatable form.


Why choose to be an ID

The eLearning industry is experiencing huge scarcity of IDs and there is a great demand for IDs in the job market today. This career is not only financially rewarding but also offers much wanted flexibility, creative satisfaction, and fun in the work content!

Why Constellar?

Constellar Consulting team has a pool of eLearning professionals who come with strong industry experience and training expertise. Currently, Constellar has placement tie ups with all the leading eLearning companies across Pune.

What does it take to be an ID?


ID as a Career

This Career:

  • Doesn’t require any specific degree
  • Guarantees good work life balance
  • Provides flexibility to work from home after some experience
  • Offers competitive and attractive pay package


Course Highlights

  • This certificate course involves 40 hours of classroom training, practical assignments, and personal feedback sessions.
  • We will check your aptitude for the profession through an admission test and will encourage you for the course only if we think you have the basic skills to build upon.
  • Promising candidates will be offered a 3-month on-the-job internship. Thereafter, they will be considered for full time employment or freelance assignments with Constellar or receive placement assistance with other companies.
  • The location and timings will be decided based on the convenience of the students in the batch.

About Our Trainer

Vishakha Naik

Vishakha is an experienced and practicing ID and has coached many students under the banner of eKnowledgeTree in the past. 

Her students are now happily growing in the ID career in well-known companies like Harbinger, MindTickle, EI Design, Exult- NewGen, Upside Learning, Enthralltech, ITAD, and so on. 

Her own firm, Constellar Consulting, also needs many IDs for a growing portfolio of projects.

Find out more about her career on LinkedIn

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